Turf after mowing at Potter Sod Farm
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Only the best performers in seed trials were
used in creating the seed blend chosen for this
farm.  Seeded at a rate of 400 lbs/acre, our turf
is thick, hardy and lush.  Potter Sod Farm
specializes in turf type tall Fescue sod, which
has a good tolerance to heat, drought and
shade.  This blend of grass has an excellent
dark green color combined with the fine
texture and very dense growing habit.  The
variety has shown to be resistant to gray leaf
spot, brown patch, leaf scald and high
endophyte levels for resistance to surface
feeding insects.

We offer delivery and installation to your home
or job site.  Contact us for details.

We will work with you to determine the amount
of turf you need for your project.  

Please email
Jack or Jan for more details and
pricing information.  Questions can be
answered directly at 402-580-3940.
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