About Us
About Our Business

Potter Sod Farm is truly a working family
farm.  A partnership of two generations of  
Potters and Jan Wagner (Jack's father in
law) was developed and the end result is a
big beautiful yard we look forward to
sharing with homeowners and contractors

The Nebraska market grows just like our
grass. . . slow and steady.  True demand on
sod producers, gentlemen farmers and all
lawn lovers in our State is water
conservation.  Turf type tall Fescue is, in
our opinion, the answer to "how can I have
a lush, beautiful lawn and do my part to
conserve water?"  Our Fescue has been
proven to require 1/3 less water than
Kentucky Blue Grass.

Potter Sod Farm encourages you to take
advantage of the water savings that
Fescue provides, however Kentucky Blue
Grass can be made available to you at your
What do we want you to know about
Our team is dedicated to leading
Western Nebraska's turf grass
industry by providing the highest
quality products and superior
customer service at a reasonable
cost to the consumer.  
We want to be your partner in a
"greener world!"
A view from the field, east, toward
the homestead.
The First Cut of the Season rolls up
the cutter and on to the hoist!